“Retriever with Game” bronze c1870

“Retriever with Game”
Finely patinated bronze c1870 by Christophe Fratin

Christophe Fratin was born in 1801 in Metz, dying in 1864 in Le Raincy. He was a sculptor of animals and equestrian groups. His early studies were with Pioche, and later was a pupil of the far sighted and adventurous painter and sculptor, Géricault. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1831 to 1863. Comparitively little is known about this fascinating and highly competent sculptor of the ‘animalier’ school. His work was highly popular in many European countries and in Britain and the USA. Jane Horswell in ‘Les Animaliers’ records him as being accorded ‘the greatest animal sculptor of his day’ at the Great Exhibition of London in 1851.
His work is illustrated in Animals in Bronze, Payne (plate 1).
His work is represented in the collections of the museums at Metz, Châlons-en-Champagne, Compiègne, the Wallace Collection, London, the Peabody Institute Baltimore & the Eisler Collection, Vienna.
Biblio: Bénézit: Dictionary of Artists; Animals in Bronze, Payne, ACC 1986.

Dimensions 39 cms long, 25 cms high

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‘Abhaya Mudra’ cast gilt Buddha c1800

‘Abhaya Mudra’ Cast Gilt Buddah

(Gesture of Fearlessness in Sanskrit) A Late-Ayutthaya, Early-Rattanakosin Buddah Image in Royal Regalia standing in the Attitude of ‘Pacifying the Ocean’

Late 18th/early 19th century, Thailand. A finely cast, gilt and decorated standing Buddha Image with both hands in the abhaya mudra gesture. It is majestically adorned in royal regalia: the great crown, earrings, a fine-detailed necklace, a pendant, a bejwelled sash, decorative cloths hanging from the font and side of the waist, rings, gold bracelets, gold anklets and royal slippers. Such Buddha Images were highly favored in the reign of King Rama III (r. 1824-1851) in the Rattanakosin period and may be originally traced to the late Ayutthaya period.

Dimensions 127cm x 20.50cm

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“Exotic Dancer” Art Deco gilt bronze c1930 by Claire Colinet

“Exotic Dancer” French Art Deco gilt bronze figure c1930 by Claire Colinet. Signed by script in the marble

Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet was a sculptor of figures and animals, born in Brussels. She was a pupil of Jef Lambeaux. She was elected a Member of the Societé des Artistes Français, where she exhibited from 1913, being awarded an Honourable Mention in 1914. She also exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants between 1937 and 1940.

Biblio: Art Deco Sculpture, Victor Arwas; Art Deco and other figures, Catley; Vollmer I, 1953; Bénézit: Dictionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs

Height 51.5 cms

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