‘Abhaya Mudra’ cast gilt Buddha c1800

‘Abhaya Mudra’ Cast Gilt Buddah

(Gesture of Fearlessness in Sanskrit) A Late-Ayutthaya, Early-Rattanakosin Buddah Image in Royal Regalia standing in the Attitude of ‘Pacifying the Ocean’

Late 18th/early 19th century, Thailand. A finely cast, gilt and decorated standing Buddha Image with both hands in the abhaya mudra gesture. It is majestically adorned in royal regalia: the great crown, earrings, a fine-detailed necklace, a pendant, a bejwelled sash, decorative cloths hanging from the font and side of the waist, rings, gold bracelets, gold anklets and royal slippers. Such Buddha Images were highly favored in the reign of King Rama III (r. 1824-1851) in the Rattanakosin period and may be originally traced to the late Ayutthaya period.

Dimensions 127cm x 20.50cm

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