“The Fairy Wedding” by Edward H Corbold R.I. c1860

“The Fairy Wedding” by Edward H Corbold R.I. c1860

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“The Fairy Wedding” Oil on canvas c1860 by Edward H Corbold R.I.

Edward Henry Corbold was born in 1815, dying in 1905. He was a pupil of Henry Sass and studied at Royal Academy Schools. His main work was in watercolour, producing scenes from literature, the bible, and daily life. A small proportion of his pictures are in oil: “The Canterbury Pilgrims” exhibited at the Royal Academy Show of 1874, for example. In 1842, his watercolour ’The Woman Taken in Adultery’ was bought by Prince Albert and nine years later, he was appointed “instructor of historical painting” to the Royal Family, for whom he worked for 21 years; many of his best works were acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for his royal pupils. He was the official artist at the ‘Eglinton Tournament’ of 1839. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, the British Institute, the Royal Society of British Artists and the New Watercolour Society between 1835 and 1871.

His work is illustrated in the Dictionary of Victorian Painters and the Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists to 1920.

Biblio: Dictionary of Victorian Painters; Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists to 1920; Bénézit: Dictionnaire des Peintres

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